How to order£¿

1¡¢How to order£¿
  Contact: Mr.Sun / Mr.Wang
  Fax:0086-0511-84510138, 85486006
2¡¢Our output:
  A.Ganged twist ties:100mm 30,000,000 pcs per day
  B.Single paper twist ties:3,000,000m per day
3¡¢Shipping and time
  A.China£ºAuto deliver goods Guangdong Area 5-7 Days
  B.Other Country: Southeast Asia 10-20 Days
  Europe USA 25-35 days
  A.China£ºtelegraph¡¢credit card
  B.International:letter of credit¡¢D/P

Zhenjiang Hongda commodity CO., LTD.
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